Why we celebrate Father’s Day

Published in The Gaston Gazette by Professor Gireesh Gupta

Fathers are truly phenomenal. They are the image of self-sacrifice and selflessness. They are caring and protective of their children.   

For a father, children’s needs come first, and his own come last. Self-sacrifices, such as sleep deprivation, become a natural part of his life. He strives to provide the children with a good, safe, and loving home. He works tirelessly to save for his children’s education and ensure the family is financially secure. 

A father nurtures his children. He is their most trusted teacher who instills a love of learning, discipline, humility, and respect for others. 

A father cares for and plays with his children to make them feel loved and safe. He reads to them, teaches them to walk and ride a bike, and carries them on his shoulders to the park and town fair. He is an integral part of his children’s mental and physical development. 

A father works hard to shape his children’s future. Nothing makes him happier than to see his children get a good education and become successful and responsible adults. 

A father’s love is true and unconditional. His children’s simple gesture of thank you makes a father blissful; he desires nothing more from them. Father’s Day gives a special meaning and importance to all fathers as it celebrates their hard work and love for the family, and let us honor and express love and gratitude to our fathers on this Father’s Day.