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Pursue Wisdom with Great Minds of the Past

Take a free online mini-course from Belmont Abbey College.

What do Alexis de Tocqueville, Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine have in common? All three are historically renowned philosophers, but did you know they were also all Catholic?  

In a unique and captivating online course, Belmont Abbey College is shining a light on a collection of varied but similar minds to take a look at the pursuit of knowledge and the practical application of ethics and philosophy; the conclusions of which remain relevant to this day!

Is knowledge always good? What is the difference between curiosity and studiousness and why does it matter? 

What impact does democracy have on our souls? Does our pursuit of perfection prevent us from dedicating the necessary time and energy to the quiet meditation and contemplation required for the right ordering of our souls?

Alexis de Tocqueville

Join renowned author and professor Dr. Joshua Hren and Belmont Abbey College Honors College Dean, Dr. Jospeh Wysocki for a flyover of the writings and ideas of great Catholic thinkers in Truth & Knowledge.

This 3-session course is completely free to you as a friend and supporter of the College. We hope you enjoy it! 

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