Seven sorrows and seven joys of Saint Joseph- Landing Page

Learn from the Joys and Sorrows of St. Joseph 

Take a seven-day journey with St. Joseph to experience the  joys and the sorrows that filled his heart. From the flight to Egypt to the prophecy of Simeon to the loss of Jesus at the Temple, the events experienced by Joseph in the early years of Christ give us a unique glance into the thoughts and emotions of this often-overlooked father figure.

What can we glean from such events? And how can we turn those lessons into useful prayers for others? 

A new seven-day devotional answers those questions and explores the faithful character and example of the blessed Patron of the Universal Church. 

By the intense sorrows and immense joys of St. Joseph, you can pray for his assistance in the spiritual strengthening of those you know who are in need. 

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