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Unveil the Legacy of St. Thomas More: A Free Course on Courage and Conviction

Unlock the legacy of St. Thomas More with Belmont Abbey College’s free online course, “Wit, Learning, and Virtue: The Legacy of St. Thomas More.”

Discover the inspiring life of this remarkable family man, teacher, lawyer, statesman, and saint, whose story exemplifies courage, conviction, and unwavering faith. Learn about the virtues that made him ‘a man for all seasons,’ celebrated for his wit, learning, humility, humor, intelligence, and integrity.

By enrolling, you’ll gain historical insights into St. Thomas More’s life and the cultural context in which he lived. Reflect on his timeless virtues of integrity, justice, and faith, and apply these lessons to your own personal and professional challenges. This course offers a transformative learning experience that connects historical lessons with modern-day applications.

Embark on this enriching journey today and start exploring the legacy of St. Thomas More.

Belmont Abbey College is dedicated to inspiring lives through education rooted in faith and reason. Click below to enroll in our free course and let the wisdom of St. Thomas More inspire your journey.

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