Political Principles for Catholic Voters Ebook

Political Principles for Catholic Voters

Our children and grandchildren are inheriting a nation where even the most basic definitions of justice, equality, and personhood are no longer accepted or protected. Are you worried that your vote, your voice, is no longer enough to preserve the nation you love? 

If so, you aren’t alone. It’s hard to feel like you can truly make a difference when so much of the media we consume is full of harmful messages that encourage people to rip apart the moral fabric holding our free society together. 

But you cannot afford to throw away your vote, to stay silent while there is still time to turn things around

The best way to help fight against this assault on our Western values is to participate in our political process by voting.

But you can’t vote effectively according to your Catholic faith if you don’t understand how your faith should inform your vote.

That’s why we at Belmont Abbey College have created a new ebook based on one of our most popular courses, Political Principles for Catholic Voters, by Mary C. Imparato, Ph.D., Chair of Politics.

While we may be pilgrims traveling through a fallen world that is passing away, we are still called to go out and proclaim God’s truth. This free ebook will help you to understand the role of politics, know when laws are unjust, and make political decisions with a clean conscience.

This insightful ebook, will help you to: 

  • Apply your faith and your civic responsibility
  • Serve in civic life while being a good Christian
  • Understand what makes a law just or unjust
  • Live in an unjust society and discern unjust laws
  • And much, much more…

Get your free copy of this new ebook, Political Principles for Catholic Voters, today— just tell us where to email it by completing the form below!

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