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Keep Belmont Abbey a Bastion of Catholicism

Across the country, the number of practicing Catholics has been slowly decreasing. As a result, the number of vocations to the priesthood and the monastic life are also declining. Since Belmont Abbey is the only Catholic college on the East Coast between northern Virginia and Florida, the Belmont Abbey Monastery must remain a stronghold of Catholic learning, prayer, and service.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the monastery is nearly 150 years old. This important Catholic heritage site mustn’t be given over to decline and disrepair.

Even more important are the individuals who reside and work in the Monastery. The monks themselves need resources to continue their education and do the most good with their vocation. The encouragement, prayer, and help that they lend to the community is a shining light and a beacon of God’s glory on earth that we must grow, not let wither.

Your donation to Belmont Abbey ensures that the monks have the resources they need to pursue their vocation and education—all for the glory of God. It may also serve in the upkeep and repair needed to maintain the beauty and prestige of the monastery and basilica.

And with your gift of $100 or more today, we’d like to send you a free copy of the insightful and fascinating book How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization. From this captivating read, you’ll learn:

  • Why modern science was born in the Catholic Church
  • How Catholic priests developed the idea of free-market economics
  • How the Catholic Church invented the university
  • How Western law grew out of Church canon law
  • And much more

This book is so foundational that it is required reading for every student at Belmont Abbey! We would love to send it to you as a token of our appreciation for your generosity today.

Please make your gift using the form below. Thank you!