Friends of Belmont Abbey College Board Challenge- Survey v2

Teaching people to live a life of virtue, so that God may be glorified

Belmont Abbey College is seeking your feedback as a valued friend of the college. Your input on the survey below will be used to help inform our decisions as we plan for the future.

Please take a moment to complete your survey now.

1. How important is it that we glorify God by living a life of virtue?*
2. How important is it to you to know that a monastic community of your brothers in Christ are praying for you daily?*
2. Do you believe that our culture has largely turned its back on forgiveness and the offer of redemption for those we disagree with due to a lack of civil discourse?*
4. Which of the following resources have you requested from Belmont Abbey College?*
5. Which of the following resources would you like Belmont Abbey College to create for you?*