Founders Day 2022-Theology- Philosophy

Support the Next Generation of Thought Leaders, Theologians and Priests

Goal: 5,000

Among our philosophy students are some top notch thinkers who could succeed in whatever career they choose—law, psychology, business—or could become public thinkers who change the direction of philosophy for generations to come.

This Founders’ Day, the Philosophy Department is fundraising to significantly expand our students’ learning opportunities. With your support, we will raise the next generation of thought leaders who will become great philosophy professors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders!

When you make a gift today, your gift will:

  • Send our top students to undergraduate philosophy conferences in order to sharpen their philosophy skills, broaden their understanding of the discipline of philosophy, and prepare them for graduate school.
  • Provide the resources to start a Philosophy Club. Students have been asking for years for a Philosophy Club that meets regularly to discuss every deep topic they can think of: the nature of being, the unity of the virtues, the way to achieve wisdom, etc. We have just hired faculty who can lead this club, and all we need now are the resources to offer it.
  • Enhance the college library with better editions of the classics, and with the best of new philosophy works.

Make a gift today to the Philosophy Department by using the secure form below! 

This Founders’ Day, The Theology Department is fundraising to further enrich the Abbey Community with more ways to engage with the faith. 

When you make a gift to the Theology Department today, your gift will provide the necessary support to:

  • Form of a Theology Club that meets monthly for a moment of fellowship, common reflection, and conversation
  • Develop a quarterly Lecture Series to engage with the most authoritative contemporary theologians.   
  • Create a Scholarship for students pursuing a degree in theology who want to work in a ministry setting.
  • Fund faculty research and scholarship to increase the impact of the college’s professors on the national theological conversation.
  • Send students to theology conferences around the country where they can grow as leaders of the new evangelization.

Make a gift today to the Theology Department by using the secure form below! 

Make a Gift to the Theology or Philosophy Department Today!

And, as a special thank you during the Founders’ Day Challenge, each donation of $5 or more will get a special Belmont Abbey Gift!

Recent Donations

“The philosophy department has taught and challenged me in many ways. Specifically, it has taught me how to reason my way through what I believe and why I believe it. It has challenged me to ask the tough questions, to be charitable in interpretation and to seek truth in all things. It is also a lesson in humility. It has taught me the valuable lesson that the more you come to know the more you come to realize how much you don’t know.

Jessica Huber

Jessica Huber

“I chose to pursue a degree in theology because I wanted to learn more about my Catholic faith and how to live it out in the context of daily life. I have had the honor to learn from some incredibly talented and devoted teachers within this department, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all that they have taught me. Through their words, but more importantly through their examples, the theology teachers demonstrate what it truly means to embark on the journey of faith and to strive to glorify God in all things. “

Patricia (Maria) Kuhlman ‘21

Patricia (Maria) Kuhlman ‘21

“The philosophy program and faculty at Belmont Abbey College have taught me how to analyze and to engage critically with texts from across the history of philosophy, from the pre-socratics to the moderns, and so to find truth not in this or in that author, but to learn that, since the truth itself transcends time and place and since all men have access to this truth, some truth may be found in every seriously-written philosophical work. The task of the student of philosophy is not merely to seek the truth ardently, but to learn to distinguish truth from falsehood and, having found the truth, having found what is in accordance with reality, to hold onto the truth firmly.”

Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang