Founders Day 2022-Fine Arts

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Goal: 7,000

From the earliest days of Belmont Abbey College, with the founding of the Abbey Players theatre company in 1883, the students, faculty, and staff have collaborated in dramatic and musical performances.

This tradition has taken differing forms, but remains a constant of the Abbey experience. Today, we offer a variety of opportunities and activities such as:

  • The Abbey Players— in continuous production for the last 137 years, these productions are open to performers in the wider community through our association with Belmont Community Theatre since 1883. We take great pride in creating professional-level productions in an intimate setting. Audiences enjoy some of the best performances in our region at an affordable price.
  • The Abbey Dancers performs a concert every Spring, takes part in the Christmas at the Abbey annual event, and performs at a variety of community events throughout the year. All campus performances are open to the public and free for all students.
  • Arts at the Abbey— a free cultural series that brings artists from a wide variety of backgrounds and genres to campus.
  • The Abbey Chorus, founded more recently, the campus choral ensemble is open both to members of the college and neighboring communities. As part of the Arts at the Abbey series, the ensemble primarily performs sacred works of the past 500 years but also does a variety of secular music from folksongs to musicals. All performances are free to the public.

By supporting the Fine Arts today, you will contribute to necessary renovations in the beloved Haid Theater such as a new front curtain and new rugs throughout the theater.

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“I love the Abbey Players because they are such a welcoming community and everyone involved truly wants to see you succeed. Especially since it’s a community theater you get to make friends with people around the area and even work with professionals.”

Aspen Terrell

me the opportunity to learn and grow in theater, but has also given me such a good community of friends, connections, and support. They challenged me to go out of my comfort zone and give me new ways to expand my knowledge in theater. It has been such a rewarding and creative outlet for me and for many students, who need it in the midst of a busy academic life.”

Olivia Miller