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Philosophy prepares students to succeed in whatever career they choose—law, psychology, business—by cultivating articulate and serious thinkers with the capacity to engage culture and contribute to the common good.

This Founders’ Day, you can significantly expand our students’ learning opportunities. With your support, we will raise the next generation of professors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders!

When you make a gift today, you will help:

  • Host an annual philosophy conference
  • Improve professional development opportunities
  • Facilitate student travel to important conferences

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This Founders’ Day, you can further enrich the Abbey Community with new opportunities for faith engagement

When you make a gift to the Theology Department today, you will provide the necessary support to:

  • Host theological conferences on campus and the great Charlotte area such as the Converging Roads Medical Ethics Conference
  • Support the newly established Diaconate program that trains the Charlotte Diocese deacons in theology through an 18 month course
  • Facilitate student travel to important conferences

Make a gift to the Theology Department today by using the secure form below! 

Make a Gift to the Theology or Philosophy Department Today!

And, as a special thank you for a donation of $25 or more during the Founders’ Day Challenge, we will send you a Tiny Saint Benedict keychain as well as a bracelet featuring Saint Benedict’s medal.

Recent Donations

“Belmont Abbey College, particularly my studies in the Classical Humanities, has prepared me for my teaching career in many ways. A teaching career not only requires you to know your content, but to be able to present it in an engaging and persuasive manner. Belmont Abbey’s Classical Liberal Arts curriculum helped me do just that. My studies in Philosophy, Latin, and the Great Books have not only given me the tools to seek out and know the truth, but to be able to present it, defend it, and utilize it to bring the younger generations to goodness, truth, beauty.”

Jessica Huber

Jessica Huber

“The philosophical formation and education which I received at Belmont Abbey College is more than a degree.  I use the term formation because I was truly formed to search for, and rejoice in, the beauty of the truth.  The Department of Philosophy pointed me in the right direction and equipped me with the beginnings of the intellectual virtues to strive for the truth in my ministry and in my Life.”

Fr. Aaron Huber