Founders Day -Nursing

Person-Centered Healthcare is Needed Now More than Ever

Goal: 5,000
Watch Dr. Harmon talk about the nursing shortage, what Belmont Abbey is doing about it, and how YOU can help.

When considering the impact of a particular program or career, it’s rarely easier to demonstrate the importance than in a field dealing, quite literally with life and death. Belmont Abbey’s new nursing program demands student excellence, not only for the student’s sake, or for some ideal – however valid – of quality, but also for our grandparents, our children, our friends and family, who may encounter these future nurses at times of personal crisis.

Though we’re not often forced to reflect on this fact, nurses stand beside us, offering deft care and effective – even life-saving – comfort, at some of the most vulnerable points in our lives. Birth, death, injury and illness: each approaches in ways we can’t always control, or even predict. What we can do is help prepare the next generation of ethical, compassionate nurses, within Gaston County and beyond.

In proportion to its significance and its level of impact, the needs of an accredited nursing program – like Belmont Abbey’s – are substantial. Even beyond the necessary textbooks and materials, Nursing degree programs need to meet strict licensure benchmarks, including properly supervised instruction and training in dedicated, state-of-the-art space. Candidates require the tools and resources to develop and excel in this challenging but essential vocation. 

Your contribution equips young men and women to serve our communities, our loved ones, in profound and critical ways. Consider making a gift to BAC Nursing, as it meets the growing needs of students and establishes Belmont Abbey as a leader in the future of Christian healthcare.

And, as a special thank you for a donation of $25 or more during the Founders’ Day Challenge, we will send you a Tiny Saint Benedict keychain as well as a bracelet featuring Saint Benedict’s medal.

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