Founders Day -Math and Science

Support Math and Science at Belmont Abbey

Goal: 10,000
This year a generous donor has pledged a $5,000 matching gift to the Abbey Biology Department, meaning that when you make a gift to the program today, your impact doubles!

Math and Natural Science

Mathematics and Science promote abstract reasoning and quantitative literacy, preparing students to encounter and engage with complex reality.

This Founders’ Day, you can help expand undergraduate research opportunities for science majors.

Donor generosity enabled our newly renovated science building to add  first floor biochemistry and chemistry labs, while transforming existing second-floor chemistry labs into physics labs and classroom space. These renovations improve students’ educational experience and empower faculty members in all of our science programs.

Thanks to last year’s Founders’ Day Challenge we were able to provide significant student enrichment, particularly through the purchase of a paristaltic pump, which enhanced summer undergraduate research programs.

When you make a gift today, you can help provide the necessary support to:

  • Purchase and update equipment to expand student research offerings
  • Provide professional development and travel opportunities for students
  • Fund summer undergraduate research and facilitate student and faculty research presentations at professional conferences

Your gift of any amount will raise the next generation of ethically-minded doctors, nurses, chemists, biologists, and physicists!

And, as a special thank you for your donation to the Founders’ Day Challenge, we will send you novelty Belmont Abbey swag! When you give $10, you receive a glow-in-the-dark ultimate BAC frisbee. When you give $50 you receive a glow-in-the-dark ultimate BAC frisbee and a BAC canvas tote bag.

To commemorate Belmont Abbey’s 148th year, when you give a gift of $148 (or $13/month) you will receive four BAC black and gold leather coasters, a bag of St. Benedict hazelnut coffee and the BAC canvas tote bag.

Make a Gift to the Math and Science Department Today!

Recent Donations

“The Belmont Abbey math department provided me with a quality education that prepared me for graduate school and employment. The high levels of support I received from my professors led to me getting a graduate assistant position at UNC Charlotte, and the high level of rigor of the classes allowed me to be successful in attaining my Ph. D. When I was hired by a national lab after graduation, my broad education gave me the critical thinking skills to problem solve and the leadership skills to head several projects. I am grateful to my math professors at Belmont Abbey for helping me to reach my full potential.”

Brian Zinser '10

Brian Zinser ’10

“My experiences with Biology at the Abbey have more than prepared me for the rigors of Medical School. In my classes I find that I can often grasp a basic science concept and move directly into clinical applications and more advanced principles thanks to the depth and breadth of topics covered in my four years with Abbey Biology.”

Patrick Means '22

Patrick Means ’22