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Goal: 10,000

Whether their vocations lie in business, medicine, education, or beyond, we believe that all students should encounter Plato, St. Augustine, the American Founders, Thomas Hobbes, and other great authors of our western tradition.

This Founders’ Day, you can enhance our students’ experience of the Great Books and culture.

Hear from Dana Jakubielski’24 share her story of how the Honors College trip to Ireland transformed her life forever:

When you make a gift today, you can help to:

  • Provide honoraria for sought-after guest speakers
  • Cover the expenses for students and professors to attend dynamic conferences and professional development events
  • Adorn Grace Auditorium with new lighting, furniture, and shelving to create a beautiful space to match the good, the truth and the beautiful that the students are studying

Last year’s generous donations enabled us to renovate St. Leo’s 301 seminar room, sponsor student travel to academic conferences, support community events (such as bonfires and dinners), and invite distinguished speakers, such as Dale Ahlquist, Mark Bauerlein, and D.C. Schindler.

And, as a special thank you for your donation to the Founders’ Day Challenge, we will send you novelty Belmont Abbey swag. When you give $10, you receive a glow-in-the-dark ultimate BAC frisbee. When you give $50 you receive a glow-in-the-dark ultimate BAC frisbee and a BAC canvas tote bag.

To commemorate Belmont Abbey’s 148th year, when you give a gift of $148 (or $13/month) you will receive four BAC black and gold leather coasters, a bag of St. Benedict hazelnut coffee and the BAC canvas tote bag.

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“Being in Honors is an incredible experience! The education and community that you become a part of fully forms you—body, mind, and soul—and gives you lifelong friendships. Studying the Great Books challenges you to encounter new ideas and this prepares you to critically think about and articulate complex concepts. Honors especially taught me how to joyfully pursue excellence in both my professional and personal life.”

Lilly Mullen '

Lily Mullen ’20

“Being a Belmont Abbey Honors College alum equipped me with the necessary tools to enter into conversation with honesty, openness, and integrity. The carefully constructed curriculum and seminar style courses have taught me the art of dialogue, coupled with a solid philosophical background that allows me to defend as well as engage in meaningful conversation.”

Clare Donohue'23

Clare Donohue ’23

“My time in the Honors College has taught me what it is to be human. The literature I have read and the philosophies I have wrestled with have led me down the path to living a well-examined life, both by giving me concrete examples of how to think well, while also warning me of the common pitfalls on the way to goodness. However, the Honors College has given me so much more than an academic advantage – my education has occurred as much outside the classroom as in it! My professors and peers have provided me with excellent models of friendship, masculinity, and the devout life – a pattern which I will continue to follow as I embark on my next adventure at the graduate school of my dreams. Plus, I met my spouse on my very first day in the Honors College. So really I owe the Honors College everything.”

Anthony Klein '24

Anthony Klein ’24