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Goal: 10,000

Whether their vocations lie in business, medicine, education, or beyond, we believe that all students should encounter Plato, St. Augustine, the American Founders, Thomas Hobbes, and other great authors of our western tradition.

This Founders’ Day, you can enhance our students’ experience of the Great Books and culture.

When you make a gift today, you can help to:

  • Provide honoraria for dynamic guest lecturers
  • Fund travel for students and professors to attend conferences and professional development events, advancing the cause of the Honors College
  • Furnish Grace Auditorium with beautiful new lighting, furniture, and shelving

Last year’s generous donations enabled us to begin working on the Grace Auditorium renovation project, sponsor student travel to academic conferences and graduate school, support community events, and invite distinguished speakers like Mike Foley. In addition, we also supported the Honors College through classical education organizations such as the CIRCE Institute and the Classic Learning Test, which led to a 50% increase in prospective students at our Honors College Scholarship Weekend.

And, as a special thank you for a donation of $25 or more during the Founders’ Day Challenge, we will send you a Tiny Saint Benedict keychain as well as a bracelet featuring Saint Benedict’s medal.

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Recent Donations

“The Honors College provided me a robust model in how to read, write, and critically analyze a multitude of authors, books, and sources. It taught me how to think critically, reason well, stand firm in my beliefs, and defend what is worth defending. The Honors Program was my home away from home for four years, and it was an amazing experience that I am so incredibly grateful to have received. It has prepared me well for my continuing education and eventual career in medicine.”

Michael Hess '22

Michael Hess ’22

“The primary principle of modern medicine is “treat the person, not the disease,” and the Honors College has prepared me to do just that. In four years of diving into the Great Books, I was constantly shown the beauty, strength, and intelligence of the human person in the forms of great works and the explorations of the greatest questions. This recognition of the person as spiritual, intelligent, and worthy of respect is as essential to good philosophy and art as it is to the clinical care of patients.”

Patrick Means '22

Patrick Means ’22