Founders Day – Education

Train the Next Generation of Teachers

Goal: 5,000

Teachers change the lives of our young people every day. They are responsible for awakening joy in knowledge and creative expression. Through your support of the Education Department, you will equip the next generation of Belmont Abbey teachers to be the inspiring light that will ignite the hearts and minds of our young people to live a life of love and truth.

This Founders’ Day, the Education Department at Belmont Abbey College is fundraising to establishing a Teacher Education Resource Center. This Center will be the central location where our teachers-in-training can meet informally, work on projects, prepare materials for field experiences, and study for teacher licensure exams.

The Center is critical for our students who are in our Professional Sequence and have met state requirements for acceptance into the formal portion of teacher preparation.

The resources needed to start the Center including pertinent journal subscriptions to be read and used for professional growth by our students, a laminator, a dye-cut machine, and study guides for all the testing required of new teachers.

Your gift, of any amount, will go toward:

  • Purchasing additional equipment for the teacher resource room
  • Develop and facilitate opportunities for staff and students to participate in research conferences and presentations.

And, as a special thank you during the Founders’ Day Challenge, each donation of $5 or more will get a Tiny Saint Saint Benedict keychain!

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My major has impacted my life in so many ways! I majored in elementary education and had the best group of professors. Going to class didn’t seem like a chore or something I had to do. After graduation, I got hired at the school at which I student taught. I ended up teaching in public school for 2 years, a charter school for 4 years, and a Catholic school for 1 year. My major and the professors in the education department definitely gave me the courage to try all different types of schools! Now I stay home with my son, but I’m considering homeschooling him once he’s old enough so I can continue my teaching experience!

Amanda Castillo

Amanda Castillo