Founders Day- Social Science

Promote Studying Human Welfare from a Christian Perspective by supporting the Social Science Departments

Goal: 3,000

This Founders’ Day, The Criminal Justice Department is fundraising to offer real world experience for our future law professionals. 

When you make a gift to the Criminal Justice Department today, your gift will provide the necessary support to:

  • Send our students to a National Mock Trial Competition. This competition will sharpen the students presentation and argument skills – skills that are needed in a law career.   
  • Support a student trip to London to study at the English Foundations of American Law. American law derived from the common law system of English law, thus students will get to learn law from its source.

These experiences are critical to our aspiring law professionals. Make a gift today to the Criminal Justice Department by using the secure form below!

In accordance with the Catholic, Benedictine, and liberal arts traditions, the Psychology Department supports students’ learning of the cumulative knowledge base and methods central to psychology within a framework of ethical principles and integration of knowledge.

Our commitment is to educate the whole student effectively, integrating the intellectual, behavioral, spiritual, and emotional aspects inherent in the scientific study of behavior, mental processes, and emotion, and the application of psychological science to the promotion of human welfare.

When you make a gift to the Psychology Department today, your gift will provide the necessary support to:

  • Attend various psychology conferences where the students would present their research.    
  • Support student internship experiences. This would give students the practical experience in the fields of counseling or human resources or with police departments or childcare counseling, etc.

Your gift supports the training of next generation of ethical psychologists that is so desperately needed. Make a gift today to the Psychology Department by using the secure form below!

Make a Gift to the Social Science Departments Today!

And, as a special thank you for a donation of $25 or more during the Founders’ Day Challenge, we will send you a Tiny Saint Benedict keychain as well as a bracelet featuring Saint Benedict’s medal.

The Saint Benedict medal is inscribed with prayers often known to obtain God’s protection from the devil and from impurity, from disease and dangerous storms, to procure assistance in the hour of death, and to obtain the grace of conversion for sinners.

Recent Donations

“The Criminal Justice Department has been a blessing to be a part of. It has challenged me to think critically and in a field that can mean life or death in a split second decision, being able to think through situations and understand what is happening is crucial and essential aspect to the profession.”

Brandon Przywara

Brandon Przywara

“Being part of the Psychology program has been a tremendous opportunity that has allowed me to learn and grow in so many facets. I think what really makes the program though, is the professors. Each one of them provides something unique in the way they reach the students. Not only that, but it is apparent that each one of them is dedicated to making us students succeed.”

Genevieve Calvino

Genevieve Calvino