Founders Day -Math and Science

Instill an Appreciation of the Natural World through supporting the Science Department

Goal: 4,000

Through Mathematics and Physics students come to understand mathematical language and ideas, which will promote abstract reasoning and quantitative literacy.

The Biology program provides students the opportunity to study the natural world and life processes.

The Chemistry minor presents students with an orderly, disciplined study of fundamental chemical principles, giving them an appreciation of both the physical nature of the natural world and of the chemical and energy changes that occur there.

Through the generosity of a donor like you, we began the year in a newly renovated science building that added new biochemistry and chemistry labs on the first floor and transformed existing second floor chemistry labs into physics labs and classroom space. This renovation has improved the educational experience for our students and equips the faculty members in all of our science programs.

This Founders’ Day, we are fundraising to support the ongoing needs of the Science Department.

When you make a gift today, your gift will provide the necessary support to:

  • Replace old equipment in the Biology and Physics labs
  • Provide ongoing materials for physics and biology classes such as the specimen the students dissect and the disposable cleaning and protective materials used.

Your gift, of any amount, will raise the next generation of ethically-minded doctors, nurses, chemists, biologists, and physicists!

And, as a special thank you during the Founders’ Day Challenge, with a gift of $25 or more to the Science Department you receive a limited edition baseball cap of your choosing.

Make a Gift to the Science Department Today!

Recent Donations

“My experience in the Biology Department at Belmont Abbey has been a breath of fresh air. I’m able to learn course material at a rigorous and fulfilling pace, while participating in labs that enhance my learning experience and complement the lectures.”

Hannah Matousek

Hannah Matousek

“Prof. Strugar and the entire math department have provided me the necessary skills to pursue a graduate degree in Economics. My professors worked closely with me to ensure my success and understanding in every class. Without their dedication, I would not have the foundation I needed for my undergraduate and future career.”

Abbey Houseal 

Abbey Houseal 

“My time in the Abbey’s Biology and Chemistry Department has been so blessed. I originally assumed that a small school would always require a sacrifice, like I would have to forgo valuable lab experience in order to have individual instruction from my instructors. Instead, I have found not only professors who care about my individual success, but also opportunities that are preparing me for future success within the STEM community.”

Zoe Lamborn

Zoe Lamborn