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Support an Encounter with the Fundamental Questions of Human Life through the Honors College

Goal: 7,000

Whether our students’ vocations are to be leaders in the business field, the medical field, or the education field, we believe that every student should have an encounter with Plato, St. Augustine, the American Founders, Thomas Hobbes and other great authors of our western tradition.

This Founders’ Day, we are fundraising to enhance our students’ experience of the Great Books and culture.

When you make a gift today, your gift will provide the necessary support to:

  • Bring prestigious guest lecturers to assist our students in their quest for truth. We’ve welcomed prominent thinkers in political science such as Dr. Brad Wilson from Princeton and Dr. James Stoner from Louisiana State University, experts in classics like Dr. Anika Prather from Howard University and lovers of literature like Ralph Wood from Baylor University. We’ve just confirmed Dr. James Ceaser, one of the greatest modern day thinkers on American political thought to speak on Constitution Day.
  • Encounter culture through the Charlotte symphony, Broadway Shows, and our study abroad program in Ireland. A part of thinking critically and studying the questions of humanity is experiencing other cultures. We’d like to make that experience more accessible to students.
  • Host engaging intercollegiate conferences to give the students an opportunity to discuss big ideas with other young adults. We’d like to invite Great Books students and professors from all across the country to come to the Abbey and learn from each other. One club that we’d like to grow on campus is an Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) book club that connects with the national Institute.
  • Create beautiful spaces for Great Books Seminars by renovating our seminar rooms. The iconic Grace Auditorium, where a majority of our seminars are held, needs repair in the ceiling fixtures and chairs.

Your gift, of any amount, will raise a community of thinkers who will become great philosophy professors, lawyers, doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders!

And, as a special thank you during the Founders’ Day Challenge, each donation of $5 or more will get a special Belmont Abbey Gift!

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Recent Donations

“The Honors College has been the highlight of my time at Belmont Abbey. The professors and coursework have pushed me to higher standards both academically and in my own life. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed forming close friendships with my professors and classmates in and out of the classroom. I’ve made great memories that will last the rest of my life.”

William Nobers

William Nobers

“The Honors College at BAC is the perfect mixture of friendship, rigorous study, and leisure.”

Kevin Gillett

Kevin Gillett

“The community here is devoted to forming friendships and teaching students to recognize the beauty in every aspect of life. From spending one-on-one time with professors, to studying outdoors with friends, to vespers with the monks, I have enjoyed experiencing the culture of learning and community that the Honors College creates.”

Laura Dimarzio

Laura Dimarzio