Tiny Saints- All Saints Day- recurring campaign

Glorify God by educating students to live out their faith!

College campuses have largely become a place where young people struggle to retain their morals. Many go to college only to lose their faith, replacing it with the love of worldly things. But it shouldn’t be this way. We believe that college should be a place where students can grow into responsible adults who know how to lead lives of virtue, succeed professionally, become involved citizens, and be a blessing to themselves and others.

When they do this, they glorify God with their lives.

This has been our mission since our founding by the Benedictine monks of Belmont Abbey in 1876, and we will not waiver in our belief in the importance of teaching young people to live a life of excellence and virtue.

If you also believe that we should glorify God in all things and that we should invest in teaching young people to lead a life of virtue, would you consider becoming a monthly supporter?

Our goal is to see 100 new monthly donors this year to continue the critical work of:

  • Teach young people how to live a life of virtue, so that they can glorify God in all things.
  • Supporting the monastic community at Belmont Abbey, an active monastery where the monks pray for our young people—and your intentions—daily.
  • Promoting religious liberty and scriptural values through the restoration of civil discourse in our culture.
  • Developing and promoting free resources to help you and others pursue holiness.

This work is only possible through the financial support we receive from generous believers like you.

Would you consider making a recurring donation of $18.76 per month, or whatever amount your means allow, to promote and teach virtue to the next generation?

In thanks for your monthly generosity, we would like to send you a gift of appreciation. Twelve gifts actually! A “Tiny Saint” each month for the next twelve months. Each tiny saint we send you has a special meaning for Belmont Abbey and we can’t wait to share their life stories with you.  This is just a small monthly reminder of our thanks to you.

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