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Embrace your highest calling to stand for Truth

In the last decade it has becoming harder and harder to survive as a private Christian institution in America. With increasing threats of government intervention, growing hostility from mass media, and intensifying economic pressure, the future is bleak.

People of faith, like you, must act now to stand for Truth in these desperate times.

Belmont Abbey College, a Benedictine liberal arts stronghold, is poised to confront these challenges head-on through the Made True Campaign: a bold initiative that will defend religious liberty, revive culture, and relieve financial burdens, that in all things God may be glorified.

The motto for the capital campaign is “Made True.” We are made for Truth. That’s what we are seeking. That’s what this education here is about.

Dr. William K. Thierfelder, President of Belmont Abbey College

Only together can we achieve our $150 million goal to educate students in the liberal arts tradition, revitalize culture, and defend religious liberty in the public square.

You can secure financial freedom for your Belmont Abbey Community

Your donation today will help to raise the $55 million needed to:

  • Secure the voice of Christian values in the public square.
  • Secure increasing financially stability for Belmont Abbey.
  • Secure a debt-free future for our Abbey students.
  • Secure 150 full scholarships for Honors College students.

You can strengthen society through excellence and virtue

Your donation today will help to raise the $30 million needed to:

  • Strengthen Belmont Abbey’s cultural impact in centers of finance, media and politics.
  • Strengthen the community of already nationally recognized faculty by becoming an employer of choice among Newman Colleges.
  • Strengthen post graduate academic offerings.
  • Strengthen the expertise that supports our core values with ten new endowed chairs.

You can free young minds to pursue the good, the true, the beautiful

Your donation today will help to raise $15 million needed to:

  • Free young minds from distraction in order to engage life’s challenge realities and embrace truth
  • Free our capacity to extend hospitality far and wide through a performing arts hub for community cultural enrichment.
  • Free our resources to implement the college’s facilities master plan
  • Free our ability to grow the campus with a new monastery and classroom spaces for future generations

Will you embrace your call to transform American culture through the Made True Campaign? Your commitment today determines the public understanding of what is True.