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This eBook is available for you today for free because of the generosity of those who support the mission of Belmont Abbey College, which is to glorify God in all things —  educating students who will go on to be a blessing to themselves and others through their work and practice of virtue and faith.

In the last decade, it has become harder and harder to survive as a private Christian institution in America. With increasing threats of government intervention, growing hostility from mass media, and intensifying economic pressure, the future is bleak.

People of faith, like you, must act now to stand for truth in these desperate times. Belmont Abbey College, a Benedictine liberal arts stronghold, is poised to confront these challenges head-on. To defend religious liberty, revive culture, and relieve financial burdens, that in all things God may be glorified.

“We are made for Truth. That’s what we are seeking. That’s what this education here is about.”

Dr. William K. Thierfelder, President of Belmont Abbey College

Your donation today will help

  • to secure the voice of Christian values in the public square.
  • to strengthen Belmont Abbey’s cultural impact in centers of finance, media, and politics.
  • free young minds from distraction in order to engage in life’s challenging realities and embrace truth.

And, with your gift of $50 or more today, we’d like to send you this bracelet featuring Saint Benedict’s medal as a gift of thanks.

The Saint Benedict medal is often associated with God’s protection from the devil and from impurity, from disease and dangerous storms, in procuring assistance in the hour of death, and in obtaining the grace of conversion for sinners.

We would love to send it to you as a token of our appreciation for your generosity today.

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