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The Honors College at Belmont Abbey College offers a unique opportunity for students to study Great Books.

These Great Books are texts that implicitly or explicitly make a bold claim of wisdom about the most important matters in human life. Such books have been written by historians, scientists, poets, philosophers, and theologians. This kind of reading asks much of students and their teachers (who themselves are students of great authors). In reality, the efforts of all are rewarded with a breadth and depth of understanding that is one of the most important accomplishments of a liberal education.

Unique, also, is a substantial focus in our curriculum on writers sometimes referred to as “Ancients, Christians, and Moderns.”  Especially prominent in our considerations of these authors are the shaping effects they have had on life in the twenty-first century. In fact, it is tensions and quarrels among such authors that help explain and illuminate the character of modern life and some of the deepest crises manifest in our times. 

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