Friends of Belmont Abbey College Board Challenge- Donation Page


For nearly half a century now, college campuses have largely become a place where young people lose their morals. Many go to college and end up losing their faith and come out loving worldly things. But it shouldn’t be this way. We believe that college should be a place where students can grow into responsible adults and are taught how to lead lives of virtue, succeed professionally,  become responsible citizens, and be a blessing to themselves and others. 

When they do this, they glorify God with their lives.

This has been our mission since we were founded by the Benedictine monks of Belmont Abbey in 1876. We will not waver in our belief in the importance of teaching young people to live a rightly-ordered life and how to grow in virtue.

But now, more than ever before, young people are tempted by sin and vice. That’s why the Chair of the Board of Trustees has stepped up to provide a $100,000 matching gift to inspire you to join him in expanding the number of young adults who can be reached in the next year.

If you also believe that we should glorify God in all things and that we should invest in teaching young people how to do this through leading a life of virtue, then would you consider making a donation today?

Your donation today will be matched by this generous donor — and your impact will be doubled. Your matched gift will be used to:

  • Teach young people how to live a life of virtue, so that they can glorify God in all things.
  • Support the monastic community at Belmont Abbey — which is an active monastery where the monks pray for our young people—and your intentions—daily.
  • Promote religious liberty and the values of forgiveness and redemption through the restoration of civil discourse in our culture.
  • Develop and promote free resources to help you and others pursue holiness —resources like our St. Benedict and You! free online course and free eBooks like Five Reflections from the Life and Miracles of St. Benedict.

But this work is only possible through the financial support we receive from generous, caring, and God-loving believers like you.

Would you consider making a donation today — in whatever amount your means allow — to promote and teach virtue to young people?

Remember: Your gift today will be doubled by a generous donor (while matching funds are still available, up to $100,000 total).

Please make your very best gift today, so that you can teach twice as many young adults to live a life that glorifies God. You can do so right now quickly and securely by using the form below.