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Honor Fr. Koterski’s legacy with a gift to the Fr. Joseph Koterski Endowed Scholarship

Honor the memory of Fr. Joseph Koterski by giving future nurses the means to embrace their vocations and nurture human life. In memory of Fr. Joseph Koterski and his contribution to Belmont Abbey College as a Board of Trustees member, please consider a gift to the Fr. Joseph Koterski Endowed Scholarship, which supports students in Nursing at Belmont Abbey.

The Life and Legacy of Fr. Joseph Koterski

Fr. Joseph W. Koterski, SJ, lived out a vocation of servant leadership, witnessing to the profound love of God as priest, teacher, and pro-life advocate. 

Fr. Koterski spent almost 30 years as an associate professor at Fordham University, during which time he also served in a variety of roles, from Philosophy Chair and Director of the Master of Arts in Philosophical Resources to Chaplain and Master of the residential college at Queen’s Court. 

While embracing years of faithful and patient dedication to his students, Fr. Koterski also maintained a steadfast ministry to the Sisters of Life and Missionaries of Charity, offering pastoral and sacramental care at home and abroad. His clear and profound commitment to the pro-life cause emerged, too, not only in sidewalk counseling and praying outside abortion clinics, but also in the time he spent reading with the pregnant women and young mothers under the care of Sisters of Life, serving on Archbishop Dolan’s Pro-Life Commission in New York, and participating in the University Faculty for Life, where he acted as secretary to the Board of Directors and editor of their annual publication. Those who knew him often heard him speak of “the heart of Christ beating in the womb of Mary,” and none could doubt his sincere and generous concern for the most vulnerable among us.

In dedicating this endowed scholarship to the memory of Fr. Koterski, Noel J. and Maggi Fitzpatrick Nadol hope to reward and inspire in Belmont Abbey nursing students the same servant leadership and joyful dedication to the cause of life.

Your gift today in honor of Fr. Koterski will be used to:

  • Provide a rising Belmont Abbey junior in Nursing with scholarship opportunities.
  • Help Belmont Abbey Nursing students to graduate with fewer loans, and thus with greater freedom to live out their vocations of service to the community.
  • Embrace the Abbey’s continued growth and its impact on the healthcare industry.

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