Donation Page – Alumni Legacy Scholarship

Your support to the Alumni Legacy Scholarship opens the door to Belmont Abbey College

More than any other type of philanthropic investment, scholarships directly and immediately impact students.

Without scholarship funding, many highly qualified students simply cannot attend Belmont Abbey College, despite the fact that, financial considerations aside, we are their first-choice school. Scholarships attract, enable, and retain top students, irrespective of their financial means.

Over 85% of our students receive some level of scholarship and financial aid. Offering a quality liberal arts education, expanding facilities, providing an increasing number of need-based and academic scholarships are costly but vitally important to our mission. Your support will ensure we can welcome the next generation of Crusaders.

Your Alumni Legacy Scholarship gift today will be used to:

  • Provide current and incoming Belmont Abbey students with more scholarship opportunities.
  • Help Belmont Abbey students take out fewer loans.
  • Allow the Abbey to continue growing.

Your charitable gift today can make all of this happen!

Your generous tax-deductible gift today of whatever your means allow will enhance the ongoing work of Belmont Abbey College: reaching young people and teaching them through the liberal arts and sciences to live a life of virtue so that in all things God may be glorified by every generation.