CYE 2023

Give Students a Faith-Based Foundation for Life

In a world where college campuses have become breeding grounds for heretical ideas and immoral lifestyles, it is increasingly difficult for young men and women to find a quality education grounded in the principles of the Catholic faith.

Belmont Abbey College has stood as a stronghold of faith and education for almost 150 years, offering substantive teaching in accordance with the Benedictine tradition.

As 2023 comes to a close, it is a crucial time for the Abbey to raise the funds required to carry us into the new year, ready for every opportunity. 

Will you help the Abbey finish the year strong by making a year-end donation of any amount? Your gift today will be used to:

  • Help students grow in mind, body, and spirit to fulfill their purpose with the education and resources they need for success.
  • Ensure adequate facilities, instructors, and resources for learning are available to students who are pursuing both knowledge and wisdom in accordance with the Benedictine hallmarks.
  • Provide encouragement and resources to the monks at Belmont Abbey, the active monastery at the heart of our college campus, as they pursue their vocation to honor God’s name.
  • Enhance the work of Belmont House in Washington, DC, to influence decisions that impact civil society and strengthen academic programs rooted in truth.
  • Aid in the creation of resources that are accessible at no cost to those seeking a deeper understanding of their Catholic faith and the Church’s teachings.

In addition, your generous year-end donation will allow Belmont Abbey College to break free from reliance on federal funding, which is increasingly intertwined with regulations contrary to the beliefs and principles of our Catholic faith.

As a way to express our appreciation, we want to honor everyone who contributes $100 or more to this extremely important year-end appeal for support with two special gifts…a 3.5 x 5.5, 80-page notebook with “Ora et Labora” foiled with silver on its cover, and a bag of Catholic Coffee’s “St. Benedict Chocolate and Hazelnut Blend” coffee. The notebook shows your support of our Benedictine rule and heritage, and the coffee is just for your enjoyment! 

Please make your tax-deductible gift using the secure form below to sustain and enhance the ongoing work of Belmont Abbey College: reaching young people, instructing them in the liberal arts and sciences, and instilling in them the virtues of faith—so that in all things God may be glorified.