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Invest in a future student and keep your Belmont Abbey strong today!

If you believe that Belmont Abbey College had a positive impact on your life or career, would you consider making a donation today?

Goal: 100,000

When you do, your gift will …

  • Ensure there is a great environment for future students to learn and grow in mind, body, and spirit.
  • Ensure that future students also have access to world-class professors and educators who will continue to serve as personal and career mentors.
  • Give students the best opportunity at a positive career trajectory.
  • Provide a future student with lifelong friendships and cherished memories.
  • Shape a future student’s spiritual formation while on campus.

Recent Donations

You can make all of this happen today!

To inspire you to give back as an alumnus today, your gift will be doubled (up to $100,000) by a matching gift grant created by the Chair of the Board of Trustees!

Here is the catch: Whatever money we can’t raise to match this gift by August 31, 2022 will be lost.

When you attended Belmont Abbey College, someone was willing to invest in you.

Would you consider making a gift today to invest in another student in the same way?

If so, please use the secure donation form below to make your gift now: