Board Challenge 2023 – Friend Donor

Help Secure a Faith-Filled Future for Abbey Students.

As we begin a new school year at Belmont Abbey College, we are filled with anticipation and hope for our students’ bright future. However, the challenges our students face in today’s world are unlike any other  in history. The cultural landscape is becoming increasingly hostile to our Catholic faith, jeopardizing our freedom to operate, according to our deeply held beliefs.

We must protect our Catholic identity and religious freedoms.

In a society plagued by social upheaval, radical culture wars, and threats to free speech, our students need to be equipped to face these challenges head-on. That’s why we have launched the Made True campaign, which focuses on three pillars:

  • Made Free: This pillar enables students to pursue virtue and knowledge freely, fostering a culture of excellence and virtue.
  • Made Secure: This pillar gradually reduces and ultimately eliminates reliance on federal funding, ensuring the college’s financial independence to maintain its Catholic identity and mission.
  • Made Strong: This pillar enhances the work of Belmont House in Washington, DC: influencing decisions that impact civil society and strengthening academic programs rooted in truth.

Donations to the Made True campaign are being matched dollar for dollar! Our Board of Trustees Chairman, Chuck Cornelio, has generously offered a matching challenge of up to $100,000 to support the Made True campaign. But time is running out, and we need your help to meet this challenge.

Please consider making a gift today.

By making a donation before our campaign deadline of September 30, your matched gift will double its impact on our efforts to equip young men and women with the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to lead lives rooted in truth and guided by virtue.

Please don’t miss this opportunity. Time is of the essence, and your deadline to have your gift doubled is quickly approaching. Don’t let this chance slip away. Your gift matters, and it will impact not only the lives of our students but also the world they will shape.

Will you help us reach the full potential of the matching challenge? Make your gift today by using the secure form below.

Thank you for your generosity!