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Counter the Loss of Civil Discourse in America!

Thank you for your answers to our survey on the state of civil discourse in America. The survey was sponsored by Belmont House, a Christian-based initiative launched by Belmont Abbey College to reclaim civil discourse. Your responses will be critical in helping us shape our plans to restore civil discourse in our country again.

Before you go, there is one more thing I’d like to tell you today …

You may be asking yourself: What is a Catholic liberal arts college in North Carolina involving itself with issues related to civil discourse in America?

It’s because our mission is to glorify God in all things. We’ve historically achieved this mission by educating students on our campus to lead lives of integrity, succeed professionally, become responsible citizens and be a blessing to themselves and others.

But we can’t ignore what’s happening in our culture anymore. There is a void in leadership to solve the problem, and we see it as something we can solve.

So, we are launching a new initiative called our “Belmont House” program.

These Belmont Houses will be boldly and strategically located within the power centers of four major cities which directly impact industries that influence our culture, which are: Washington D.C. (government), New York City (business, finance, and media), San Francisco (technology), and Los Angeles (entertainment and media).

The Belmont House in Washington D.C. is already becoming a model for civil discourse and a sanctuary where ideas and disagreements can be respectfully shared. It is also a place where Christian principles can be expressed with confidence, intelligence, and influence. 

And that kind of “home base” for Christians of various denominations who hold to biblical, traditional belief in Christ is critically needed today.

In today’s America, major centers of power have been captured by: 

  • Secularism, a view that Christ is not credible or relevant 
  • “Scientism,” a view that science explains all reality without a need for the supernatural 
  • Radical individualism, a view that exalts “self-fulfillment” over the centrality of God 
  • Collectivism, a view that sees salvation in political consolidation of power and not in Christ.

Powerful institutions are doing more than merely adopting these views. They are imposing them. They are excluding, shaming, isolating, and often persecuting young believers in Christ. As a result, young Christians feel demoralized. Faith withers. They can go silent, go along, and cease being the “salt and light” Jesus called them to be. 

Belmont Houses will reverse this flow in the lives of young believers in strategic social sectors. This includes “mover and shakers” who—with encouragement and counsel—can assert Christian principles and ethics in every part of their lives, personal and professional.

Belmont Houses will also provide settings for inviting non-Christians to dialogue respectfully, creating open minds and new respect for Christian ideas and Christians themselves. 

You have an opportunity right now to help accelerate this new initiative with your financial support. Your support will help launch Belmont Houses in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

You can give to this Belmont House program with confidence: 

Belmont House is an initiative of the renowned Belmont Abbey College. Begun shortly after the Civil War in North Carolina, Belmont consistently ranks among the top colleges in the nation. We find our center in Jesus Christ and believe in the development of the whole person—in mind, body, and spirit. We welcome everyone, from any background and tradition, who is committed to fostering that growth and joining in the mission of the college.