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At Belmont Abbey College, we believe that education is more than just imparting knowledge—it is about nurturing the whole person. Today, we are faced with a significant challenge: young people are increasingly disconnected from their faith and are struggling to find purpose and direction in their lives.

That’s why we are dedicated to addressing this problem by offering an education grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, guided by Catholic intellectual traditions, and inspired by the 1500-year-old Benedictine monastic heritage. At Belmont Abbey College, we aim to empower young people to live faith-driven lives, ensuring that in all things, God may be glorified. 

However, we cannot achieve this mission alone. We rely on the generous support of people like you, who believe in the transformative power of faith-driven education. 

Every dollar you contribute helps us in multiple ways. It enables us to recruit outstanding professors who are committed to our mission, to develop and expand our academic and spiritual programs, and to provide scholarships to students who need financial assistance.

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