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The St. Joseph Adoration Chapel was funded entirely through donations and financial gifts. The small, timber-framed chapel is set among the soaring pine trees at the center of the Belmont Abbey College campus. The glass exterior walls create a feeling of being surrounded by a lush green forest. The alter, a gift from the Sisters of Mercy, was given after the chapel was completed in 2008. Providentially, sight unseen, the beautiful white marble altar with crucifix fit so perfectly that it looks as though the chapel was built around it. The alter was originally a gift given to the Sisters in 1908 for their hospital chapel in Charlotte. After the hospital was sold in 1995, the alter was returned to the Sisters and stored. It was later discovered that the donor of the alter had been a close personal friend of Abbot Leo Haid.

Your gift today will be used to:

  • Preserve a home worthy of the great mystery of the Eucharist.
  • Provide a place deserving of being named in honor of St Joseph, who provided a dwelling for the Holy Family while he was on earth.
  • Keep the flame of Christ in the Eucharist at the heart of the Belmont Abbey College Campus.

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Your generous tax-deductible gift today of whatever your means allow will enhance the ongoing work of Belmont Abbey College: reaching young people and teaching them through the liberal arts and sciences to live a life of virtue so that in all things God may be glorified by every generation.