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Our world seems to revel in chaos and destruction; our culture is laden with a desire for money, power, and clout…

It can be easy to lose sight of what is important when we are living in the eye of a cultural storm.  But Saint Benedict, his life, and The Rule can serve as a compass to point us in the right direction. 

In just a few years following the fall of Rome, the world descended into pure chaos. In an attempt to escape the suffocating grips of barbarism and the worst of human nature on full display, Saint Benedict of Nursia retreated to the forest to meditate on the way forward for Christians. He emerged with divinely inspired instructions and a firm commitment to the principles of order, hospitality, and stability. 

His life, his Rule, and impact on education are still felt and very much needed today. 

But what does that have to do with you and me? What can we gain by learning about a man who lived so long ago?  

Join us for a three-part video course, Saint Benedict and You, taught by Belmont Abbey’s own Abbot Placid Solari, Dr. Travis Feezell, and Dr. Laura Campbell, and you will learn:

  • Who Saint Benedict was, and why he is relevant today
  • How, through Lectio Divina, you can discover what God’s passages in the Bible mean for you personally
  • How to avoid being owned by what you own
  • That there’s a purpose and meaning to your life which extends beyond the boundaries of this world
  • What is the difference between an education for a career and an education for life
  • How you can use The Benedictine Hallmarks to not only discover your own personal mission but your core values as well
  • And much, much more…

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