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You can help protect religious liberty in the public square!

Over recent years, we’ve witnessed increased government hostility to religious entities, with politicians and policymakers continually threatening the conscience rites of healthcare providers, private employers (including Catholic religious orders, schools, and other institutions), and individual citizens.

At Belmont House, located just steps away from the U.S. Capitol, we carry forward the cultural and educational mission of Belmont Abbey College by  reasserting religious liberty and supporting people of faith in the public sphere.

By contributing to Belmont House, you participate in its work of convening, fellowship, and hospitality, pillars which channel your efforts toward:

– Educating the faithful in the laity’s role in the public square

– Identifying and promoting innovative approaches to some of our most pressing political issues

– Identifying areas of public policy where faith can be leveraged for the common good

– Building and sustaining a community of Christian leaders who are at the intersection of religion and politics

– Accelerating, amplifying, and coordinating the efforts of existing Christian lay apostolates and non-governmental organizations

Will you make your gift to safeguard religious liberty and conscience in the public square?

Your gift helps to maintain the Belmont House venue and programming, promoting Judeo-Christian values in public policy development and revitalizing the public square.

By making a gift to the Belmont House today, you extend Belmont Abbey’s 147-year history of service to this country, its faithful citizens, and the Church as a whole.

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