Belmont House – Civil Discourse Survey


Today Americans are polarized, angry, and uncommunicative in ways not seen since the Civil War. Americans have split into tribes with their own views of the world, and discussion is becoming so difficult that the future of a society being built on discussion is being questioned.

That’s why Belmont House, an outreach founded on classic Christian principles, wants to know your views on this problem.

Your survey responses below will be used to help determine the magnitude of the problem and develop a solution to it. Your information will not be sold and will be kept safe.

Your input today is critical in changing the direction our nation is headed in. Please take a moment now to complete your survey on this issue today.

1. Do you agree that a lack of civil discourse exists in America today?*
2. Do you believe the problem is very serious?*
3. Do you believe this problem threatens you personally, now or in the foreseeable future?*
4. Tell us how you believe this problem threatens you. (Check all that apply):*
5. Who do you think is to blame for this problem? (Check all that apply):*
6. Which of these things do you believe could solve the issue? (Check all that apply):*

*All answers are strictly confidential.