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Your Journey to the Nativity

As we approach the season of Advent and the joyous Feast of Christmas, our world seems to whirl around us in a frenzy. The hustle and bustle of family gatherings and countless commitments can easily distract us from the profound beauty and truth found within these sacred moments.

Amidst the rush of Advent, finding the time to pause, embrace the silence, and truly contemplate the nativity of our Lord can be a challenge. Yet, it is during this season that we are reminded of Jesus, who came to us in our very humanity and brokenness, a profound testament that God’s love for us knows no bounds. He is our ultimate source of salvation.

This Advent, we extend a heartfelt invitation to you to join the Monks at Belmont Abbey in approaching the nativity story with fresh eyes. Our ebook, “An Advent Companion,” will take you on a journey to explore various characters and groups who played pivotal roles in the birth of Jesus. Together, we will carve out a sacred space within which the quiet embrace of God’s love invites us to reflect upon the boundless mercy and forgiveness found in His gift to us: Jesus.

Within the pages of this complimentary ebook, “An Advent Companion,” you will:

  • Delve deeper into the nativity story of Jesus
  • Gain insight into the significant role of Caesar Augustus
  • Imagine what it was like to be a shepherd in the fields of Bethlehem
  • Discover the challenges faced by the Holy Family
  • Learn how you can emulate the Magi by offering your own unique gifts to Jesus
  • And so much more…

To receive your free copy of “An Advent Companion,” simply let us know where to send it by completing the form below. Embrace the serenity of this season and rediscover the profound significance of Christmas.

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